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12-episode non-genre anime with no specific protagonist about members of an all-boys school. Produced by Square Enix and Sunrise. Episodes typically contain five to seven short stories with an extra "High School Girls Are Funky" clip after the ED.

Contains non-plot-revealing examples of the following concepts:

  • Humorously abusive older siblings
  • Bokke/Tsukkomi routine
  • Cross-dressing


When Tadakuni wakes up from his dream in Ep. 12, it's an identical scene to one in Ep. 4. Tadakuni begins to have much less of a role after Ep. 4. Ringo entirely exists within those episodes, along with a pair of high school boys talking about how she doesn't exist. Most of the less plausible events in the storyline also take place in those episodes.

Think about it.